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What do I need to check out books?

Your student ID card! Currently enrolled students, faculty and staff can check out circulating materials with a valid SCC ID card. You can access our official loan policy here.... read more

How do I print in the library?

When you are at your computer just hit print like you normally would. Once you are ready to print, go to the computer next to the printers (the "Print Release Station") and type your login ID (the first part of your email address - everything BEFORE the in the box on the screen. The jobs you sent to the printer will be displayed. Put your money in the coin box (it will take one and... read more

Why can't I log into the databases?

The two most common reasons for login errors are: 1. You are not registered for the current semester 2. You tried to login using your Canvas/SCC Connection ID instead of your student ID. Only currently registered students, faculty, and staff are allowed to use the databases off campus and you must use your Student ID number (or Faculty/Staff ID number) with "sc" at the end.   For students it sh... read more

How do I find scholarly articles?

When your professor says you need to use scholarly articles, what they mean is that the article has to be written by a scholar. You can find articles written by scholars on the Internet but many times those articles can't be viewed without paying for them. Luckily the library already pays for access to these types of articles in the library databases! You can access the databases from our home pa... read more

What hours are you open?

Fall and Spring semesters: Monday - Thursday 7:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. CLOSED Sunday Summer semester: Monday - Thursday 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CLOSED Saturday and Sunday   Intersession Hours (in-between semesters and spring break) - Academic Calendar Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. CLOSED Saturday and Sunda... read more

What is MOBIUS?

MOBIUS is a consortium of Missouri libraries that work together to provide residents with books from libraries all over the state in 3 to 4 business days. MOBIUS includes ALL of the college and university libraries in the state along with a few public libraries. When you combine all those libraries you have access to over 25 million items! You can search MOBIUS libraries here, and when you request... read more

Is there a quiet study area?

The study area on the second floor of the library is the quiet study area. No cell phone usage is allowed in this area and no group study. It is usually the quietest place on campus! We also have study rooms on the second floor. Keys to the study rooms can be checked out at the Circulation Desk. These rooms are available on a first-come/first-served basis. Rooms check out for three hours at a time... read more

Where is your fiction section?

Because of the way our library is set up there isn't necessarily a "fiction section" like you would find in a bookstore or at the public library. There are a few different locations you can go to find fiction titles in our collection. The first place is on the first floor of the library on the shelves closest to the library entrance. Here you will find two different bookshelves. One is for "Popula... read more

What do I owe if I am late returning a book?

We know that sometimes things happen that prevent you from returning your books on time. We don't have any late fees for our library books so as soon as they are returned your record is clean! However, if you have overdue books a hold is placed on your account until the item is returned. This means you won't be able to register for classes, get grades, or request a transcript - so you want to make... read more

Does your library have ebooks?

Yes we do! You can access our ebooks collections here. We have about 140,000 through EBSCO we have some online reference books through Gale Virtual Reference Library and we have some nursing ebooks through Ovid.   ... read more

My instructor told me to use EBSCO, what's that?

EBSCO is a company that produces online databases and we pay for access to many of their different databases. If your instructor said to use EBSCO they probably meant to use Academic Search Premier which is the largest EBSCO database we have. Still confused? Watch this video to find out more about accessing articles through our website.... read more

What kind of help can I get from the librarians?

The Reference Librarians at SCC are here to help you with all of your information needs. Whether it is choosing the right search tool, finding the best sources, or citing them appropriately, the librarians will help you navigate the research process. You can come by the Reference Desk any time the library is open or you can use the menu at the right to call, chat, or text us.  ... read more

How do I get books and articles that you don't have in the library?

You can use MOBIUS! The SCC Library is a member of the MOBIUS Consortium of more than 60 academic libraries in the state of Missouri and a few surrounding states. Currently-enrolled SCC students, faculty and staff can request books from any MOBIUS library. Requested books typically arrive in 3-4 business days, and you are notified via email when they are available for pickup. If it is not convenie... read more

Do you have videos I can check out?

Yes we have DVD and VHS formats that you can check out for 7 days if the video isn't on reserve for a class. You can look at a browsable list of our videos or search for a title in the catalog. The DVDs we have available for checkout are on the first floor of the library. You can browse the titles by looking on the first shelf leading into our Reference Book collection. You can also access stream... read more

Can we have study groups in the library?

Yes, the library is a great place to meet with your study group!   Study rooms are available on the second floor (keys checked out at the circulation desk) for groups. Each room has a white board, TV, and VCR/DVD player. Rooms can be checked out for 3 hours to students with a valid student ID card.   We also have space in the back of the library (the Information Commons) that is set up for colla... read more

Do you have any videos available online?

Yes we do!   The library pays for access to a selection of videos from Films for the Humanities and Sciences called Films on Demand. You can access this off campus if you are a current student, faculty, or staff.  ... read more

How do I renew my books?

If you need to renew your books there are a couple different ways to do it. The first, and easiest way, is to go to the library website and click on the "Access Your Account" option (located in the middle of the page). Once there you will enter your name and your SCC ID number (followed by the letters "SC") to get into your account. You will then see all the items you have checked out. You can sel... read more

How much does it cost to print in the library?

The library's Pay-for-Print system costs 10 cents a page if you print single-sided and 15 cents for a double-sided page. The computers default to printing double-sided in an attempt to save you money as well as saving paper, but this can easily be changed when you go to print. If you're not sure how to change this setting come see a librarian at the Reference Desk - they're happy to help! As a fr... read more

My instructor put a book/video/CD on reserve. Where do I get it?

If your instructor has placed something for you on Reserve you'll need to go to the Circulation Desk to check the material out. Make sure you have your SCC ID with you in order to get the material. When an item is placed on Reserve that means that your instructor wants the material to be easily accessible for the whole class. Typically items are only available for in-library use, meaning you'll h... read more

What is the best database to use to find literature criticism?

We have several databases devoted to literature criticism. The best one to start with is Artemis Literary Sources because it covers all types of literature (novels, short stories, poems, etc.) and all time periods. But we have a few more that can help as well: Humanities International Complete has articles from many literature journals. MagillOnLiterature Plus has plot summaries, reviews, and cr... read more

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