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How do I print in the library?

When you are at your computer just hit print like you normally would. Once you are ready to print, go to the computer next to the printers (the "Print Release Station") and type your login ID (the first part of your email address - everything BEFORE the in the box on the screen.

Only the jobs you've sent to the printer will be displayed. Click "print" to release your print jobs. Each semester you have $10.00 of printing credit and the cost to print will be deducted from that balance. For black and white printing it costs 10 cents a page or 15 cents a page if it is double-sided. To print in color it is 30 cents a page or 45 cents if you print double-sided.

If you happen to go through all your printing credit you can pay by using the coin box by the printer (it will take one and five dollar bills as well as silver coins). Please ask at the reference desk if you need printing assistance.