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What do I owe if I am late returning a book?

We know that sometimes things happen that prevent you from returning your books on time. We don't have any late fees for our library books so as soon as they are returned your record is clear! However, if you have overdue books a hold is placed on your account until the item is returned. This means you won't be able to register for classes, get grades, or request a transcript - so you want to make sure you return all the library materials you check out. We'll let you know an item is overdue by sending an email to your CougarMail - that way you can either try and renew the item or return it in a timely fashion.

If you check out an item that has been placed on Reserve there are late fees that accrue simply because of the high turnover and the likelihood that another student is waiting to use the same material. Reserve late fees are 50 cents/hour.